Skype lessons

As an autodidact, L’dia loves sharing her talent with others.

She does this through her teaching. Because her teachings are sought out worldwide, L’dia has decided to teach her lessons over Skype. This way, every bassist can join L’dia’s lessons from his or her own comfortable environment.

How does it work?

* L’dia teaches in Dutch as well as English.

* All lessons are personal

* You receive free mp3 backing tracks for practice

* Free 10 minute acquaintance during which we look at our connection, what we expect of each other, what level you’re currently on, et cetera.

* L’dia teaches the following techniques:
- Start
- Groove
- Slapping
- Singing and playing bass simultaneously
- Accompanying

What do you need?

* Skype connection

* Bass guitar

* Headphones

* Webcam or the like with built-in microphone

* Paypal or Ideal


* €40,- per lesson.

* Payment must be received 48 hours before the lessons commences

* There is a 24 hour cancel window for each lesson - Contact: